Review: Would I Lie to You

Title: Would I Lie to You
Author: Cecily von Ziegesar
Published: 2006
Page Count: 192
Rating: 2/5

Everyone seems to be up to something! Nate is still working for Coach in the Hampton’s but is Coach’s wife making a pass at him? Blair and Serena are also in the Hampton’s working for fashion enthusiast, Bailey Winter as his inspiration for a new line but he’s also hired some dopplegangers to copy anything and everything Blair and Serena do. Blair is very suspicious of them and she’s not wrong. Vanessa is still a nanny and is asked to go with the family to the Hampton’s. Seems like the Hampton’s is the place to be! But when Bailey Winter sees Vanessa he wants her to be a new inspiration for his line as well. Dan is still working for the used book store and meets new guy, Greg, who has a love for reading and books as much as Dan does. Greg wants to start a literary salon and asks Dan for help which leads to Dan questioning many things about himself.

This is probably my new least favorite Gossip Girl book. Who couldn’t see Nate and Blair finding each other again? And the fact that Serena wants Nate at the exact moment is just ridiculous. Serena is just upset that Nate isn’t paying attention to her anymore because that’s all Serena wants. I don’t really have anything to say about Vanessa. She seems to be her normal self. But Dan is a different story. I did not expect to see in these books that Dan is questioning whether he is gay or not. I honestly thought the books were going to be at least a little similar to the show. So I thought that Dan would either be pining over Vanessa or Serena but we see very little of him and Serena together. I think that Dan and Vanessa belong together in the Gossip Girl books so I guess we shall see what happens. At the end of the book, we end with Blair and Nate about to get on a boat for the rest of the summer but I think Nate is making the biggest mistake of his life! Also, are we ever going to find out who Gossip Girl is?

Only three more books to go! I watched episode one of Gossip Girl and I’m so excited to keep watching but I’ll probably wait until I’ve completely finished reading the series. Until next time!

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