Review: Blood of Wonderland

Title: Blood of Wonderland
Author: Colleen Oakes
Published: 2017
Page Count: 322
Rating: 4/5

Leaving where the Queen of Hearts left off, Dinah is on the run and wanted in Wonderland. Her father, the King of Hearts, wants her dead because he has framed her for the murder of her brother and now the entire kingdom is against her. Dinah is hiding out in the Twisted Wood with Morte and her food supply is running low. She knows she must keep moving to avoid being caught or she must fight to keep her throne as Queen. She meets several people who are willing to help her and she must decide which course of action she wants to take. Will she stay hiding and on the run or will a war start so she can take back the throne?

This second book in the trilogy was very slow starting out. I was honestly really bored until about 200 pages in and then I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading. So I was on verge of giving this one a 3-star like the first book, but those last 100 pages make this a 4-star read! We really see Dinah grow as a character. She becomes stronger and as she trains, she becomes smarter. Her Hornhoov, Morte, is amazing. Once, the king’s and now is loyal to Dinah and it makes my heart so warm. We get a lot of our questions from the first book answered and I was so satisfied when those answers were revealed. Dinah is building up an army and needs to figure out if the blood that will be spilled will be worth it. She keeps questioning whether she will be a fit Queen and be good to her people. We see some new characters in this book and the main one being Sir Gorrann, who is one of the best trackers for the King of Hearts and he is just fantastic. I really enjoyed his character and how he acts as a kind of father figure to Dinah.

I’m really excited now for the final book, War of the Cards, and I am really hoping for a great ending!

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