Review: Skin & Earth (Issue #6)

Title: Skin & Earth (Issue #6)
Author: Lights
Published: 2017
Page Count: 55
Rating: 4/5

In this final comic, En finally gets the answers she has been looking for. And so do we! Tsu has taken her to “the land of eternal sunset” and En is questioning the warning she was given by the Vacant. “Don’t follow the taker”. Who is the taker? Is Tsu a friend or a foe?

This last issue answered all of our questions that we asked in the past. Also, this issue is about double the length of what the previous issues have been and I thought it was great! I think I was expecting something entirely different, so I didn’t give it a 5-star, but that doesn’t mean that it was terrible. En is courageous and determined to find answers. We learn the truth about Priest, Tsu and even En’s mother. The artwork was fantastic, just like the previous issues. I’m so proud of Lights for creating this project along with her album. This issue features three songs from her album. ‘Magnetic Field’, ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Almost Had Me’. I was looking forward to this issue the most because I had so many questions after reading each issue and it left me so confused and wanting more. This 6th and final issue was great and also featured my two favorite songs from the album. I can tell that Lights really put her heart into this project and overall I really loved it. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you to check out this comic series and her album. This was the first comic book and series that I ever read and I can’t wait to continue with different series. Go check out Lights!

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