Goals: 2018 Reading Goals

Hello again!
With the New Year, everything feels new and I tend to make myself a fresh start. And of course, with the New Year, I have written out my goals and that includes reading goals! So I thought I would share with you all, my goals and resolutions for the 2018 year. So let’s get started!!

Goal #1: Goodreads Challenge – 100 Books
I have participated in the Goodreads challenges since 2016. So not really that long but I have always really enjoyed it. Last year, in 2017, I set a goal of 75 books but I exceeded that goal early on so I moved my goal up to 100 books and I ended the year with 124 books read. So this year I thought that setting my goal to 100 was appropriate.

Goal #2: Read at least 1 classic book a month
In 2017, I only read 1 classic. How disappointing? I was so ashamed when I was looking over all the books I read and I did not see any classics on there. So I wanted to change that. And I’m starting the year out right because I just read The Call of the Wild by Jack London.

Goal #3: Post more on my blog
So this is actually more of a blogging goal more than reading but since my blog is all about books, I thought I would throw it in here. I just started this blog in August 2017 and I’m having so much fun with it. I’m still trying to figure everything out with scheduling and how I want my blog to look, so this year my plan is to be better organized and plan out my posts better.

Goal #4: Write better reviews
Another new thing I started with my blog in August was writing book reviews. I rated the books I read on Goodreads but I had never actually wrote a review. I have really been enjoying reviewing books but I do want to get better at it. Practice makes perfect!

Goal #5: Finish at least half of my TBR
I’m not going to lie… half of the books on my shelf, I have not read. It’s only because I buy books on bargain between $3-$5 and they are from series that I know I want to read and I will get to eventually. But those books just keep piling up on my shelves and it makes completing books harder.

Goal #6: Read my Bible more
I am a Christian and I always love studying my Bible and diving into it every morning. Unfortunately, I have put it off for a while now and I am missing it. I’m going to get back to setting a time for reading my Bible every morning.

Goal #7: Only buy 1 book if I have finished reading 5 books that I own
This kind of goes back to goal #5. As long as I’m reading the books on my shelf and not books that I’m buying, I should be able to get through my TBR. While I have heard this method doesn’t work for some, I’m going to try it out and see how it goes.

Goal #8: Read more of different genres
I started reading fantasy in 2017 for the first time and it was all I wanted to read for the rest of the year. I’d really love to read more sci-fi and historical fiction in 2018 and maybe even some more non-fiction.

So there are my 8 reading goals for 2018. I do have other goals for 2018 that don’t pertain to reading, like eating healthy and exercising more. I also would love to travel more. What are some of your 2018 reading goals? And non-reading goals? I’d love to hear from you guys, so let me know in the comments!

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  1. i love goals 2, 3, 5 and 8 and i will steal them for myself!!! jk i’m way too unmotivated to stick to any resolution but i’m very impressed by you for being able to!

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