Review: Retribution Rails

Retribution Rails1Title: Retribution Rails
Author: Erin Bowman
Published: 2017
Page Count: 367
Rating: 3/5

Synopsis (2)

Reece Murphy wants nothing more than to escape the Rose Riders. He was dragged into the gang at a young age because he was given a gold coin by a cowboy and the Rose Riders ‘Boss’ wants to know who gave it to him. So he recruits Reece into their gang. One day while the Rose Riders are planning to rob a train, Reece encounters Charlotte Vaughn, who is an aspiring journalist. She mentions about a gunslinger in Prescott and Reece knows that she will be his ticket to getting out of the Rose Riders gang.

Synopsis (1)

This story is a companion novel to Vengeance Road and is told from two different perspectives. We get to see the story of both Reece and Charlotte and I really enjoyed it. I was also surprised by the cameo of Kate and Jesse from Vengeance Road which was very cool. But I liked this story just a little more than Vengeance Road. Only for the fact of the romance. Other than that, I found I was quite bored with the story and often dozed off while reading. I really enjoyed Charlotte as a character. She is very determined and a hard working girl. Her Uncle is trying to gain access to her father’s fortune by marrying her mother and Charlotte wants to hire a gunslinger to scare him straight. She considers hiring Reece but Reece doesn’t want to kill anymore. So she takes matters into her own hands. I also really enjoyed Reece. I pitied him quite a bit. Just for the fact that he was dragged into this gang with no options as a young boy and he doesn’t want to be there. This story like Vengeance Road, is a western but I didn’t feel all of the western aroma like I did in the first book. I think maybe it was because it takes place in January during winter and I just didn’t expect it to be too cold.

Maybe westerns aren’t my thing because after reading this and the first book, I don’t really have any interests to pick up another. But if you are a fan of westerns maybe you would like this story because the story is very interesting and fun.

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