Review: Be Prepared

Be Prepared1

Title: Be Prepared
Author: Vera Brosgol
Published: 2018
Page Count: 245
Rating: 3/5

SynopsisVera is a a nine-year old Russian girl who is just trying to fit in. Every summer all of her friends leave for camp and she’s left at home with no one to play with. But when she finds out that there is a camp for Russians, she begs her mom to go and now she has something to look forward to. But when she gets to camp she realizes that it may not be for her. Her tent mates are kind of rude and she hasn’t made friends with anyone. But she only has to be there for two weeks and she can go home. That is until her mom has a change of plans and now Vera has to stay the entire four weeks.

My ThoughtsI was drawn to this graphic novel after seeing it on the Goodreads Choice Awards because the cover looks so cute. The art style is just the cutest that I’ve ever seen but unfortunately the story wasn’t that interesting to me. It was cute and it’s definitely geared towards middle grade but having never been to a camp, I just didn’t see the appeal of going to a summer camp like Vera wanted to. But overall, the story was cute and somewhat enjoyable. I was disappointed in some of the decisions Vera made so that she could fit in with the other campers. But everyone makes mistakes and they learn from them.

I’m definitely considering checking out Vera Brosgol’s other works because of the artwork alone. Even if the story doesn’t sound appealing to you, I’d recommend this just for the art. RachaelInstagramPinteresttumblrTwitter

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