Review: The Dark Between Stars

The Dark Between Stars1

Title: The Dark Between Stars
Author: Atticus
Published: 2018
Page Count: 223
Rating: 4/5

I didn’t love this one as much as Atticus’ first collection Love Her Wild, but I still enjoyed it a fair amount. I’m finding that poetry that is happy and about love really speaks to me and makes me so happy to be reading. I’m still very new to poetry so I’m not sure how to review them except by sharing a few of the poems that I just loved.

You weren’t given wings
to see the world from a tree.

Come on darling
she said
lets’ drink wine
and paint
our universe.

With this collection, some of the poems just seemed rather simple. Maybe even too simple. But what doesn’t work for me, may work for you. So either way, I recommend it!RachaelInstagramPinteresttumblrTwitter

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