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Hello everyone!
I’ve noticed a lot recently that people don’t really like resolutions. I haven’t read up on why their reasons are, so if you are one of those people, let me know because I want to be in the loop. I, on the other hand, LOVE New Year resolutions! I like the feeling of having a blank slate and being able to set some goals for myself. So today, I’m here to share some of those goals with you!

Goal #1: Goodreads Challenge – 50 Books
I’ve been participating in this challenge since 2016 and for the last two years, my goal was 100 books. But in 2018 I was really stressing to meet that goal, so I thought 50 would be a great number and I don’t plan on moving it.

Goal #2: Read at least 1 classic book a month
Another goal that I started in 2018 and I will continue with in 2019. This goal was easily attainable for me and I love being introduced to classics that I have never read before.

Goal #3: Participate in 4 readathons
I have never participated in a readathon before and when I see people on social media participating in them, I just want to jump in on the fun. So my plan is to try and do one every quarter of the year.

Goal #4: Participate in a 24 hour readathon
Going along with the previous goal, this one sounds like a challenge. My husband even said he would do this one with me but instead of reading he would play video games. I think this will be really fun for us and we can try to keep each other awake.

Goal #5: Only buy 1 book if I have finished reading 5 books that I own
Another goal you might have seen on my goals for 2018 but one that I failed miserably at. But one of my non-reading goals is to de-clutter and go for a more minimalist lifestyle so buying books is something that I’m really motivated NOT to do.

Goal #6: A to Z Reading Challenge
I participated in this challenge in 2018 but I was missing 5 letters. So I’d really like to make up for that in 2019.

Goal #7: 2019 Pop Sugar Challenge
This is a new challenge that I’ve never participated in and I’m really excited. I feel like a lot of the challenges on this list really make you read a wide range of books and that itself is so exciting!

So there are my 7 reading goals for 2019. I, of course, have non-reading goals for myself. I always strive to better my health and eat better so I will be doing my best! What are some of your 2019 reading goals? Any non-reading goals? Thanks for reading!!RachaelInstagramPinteresttumblrTwitter

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  1. I really need to adopt your goal of buying one book for every five books read – I would save so much money and actually get on top of my TBR. I bought so many books last year that I never got around to reading so this year is definitely about tackling that TBR and getting it down. Good luck with your goals! x

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