Review: Sailor Moon, Vol. 1

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Title: Sailor Moon, Vol. 1
Author: Naoko Takeuch
Published: 2003
Page Count: 236
Rating: 4/5

SynopsisUsagi Tsukino is just living a normal life as a middle school girl when Luna, a talking cat tells her that she is Sailor Moon, a hero who fights evil in the name of the moon. She also learns that there are other girls who are destined to fight with her and together the protect the people and are also trying to find out who the mysterious Moon Princess is. Usagi is also distracted by handsome guy named Tuxedo Mask but she isn’t sure they are fighting on the same team.

My ThoughtsI watched Sailor Moon as a kid very early in the mornings. I would wake up so so early, before I needed to be up for school, just so I could watch it. I didn’t grow up with cable, we just had basic channels and for some reason it came on very early. Like, 5 am early! But I was dedicated and for a good reason. The show and this story of Sailor Moon is so entertaining and cute. I’m still new to the manga world, but this has been my favorite so far and I definitely plan on continuing with the manga series. Despite it being an exact replica of the TV show, I still enjoy it in this format.

Sailor Moon is such a likable character because she has flaws. She’s always late and likes to be lazy and not pay attention. Also, she loves video games! So imagining her as fighting evil to protect people, is fun and entertaining. I definitely recommend this manga, not just for beginners but for everyone!RachaelInstagramPinteresttumblrTwitter

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